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All homes are for sale. Yours too.

All homes are for sale. Yours too.
Choose between all homes on the whole market. On Adoor you find all houses, poke the owner, and thus check if he/she may be interested in selling.

Adoor is based on the idea that we all have the right for the perfect home. By expanding the market and making it more flexible, we are more likely to find the perfect match, and this is where magic happens.

Home buying and selling are emotional processes, and therefore we combine facts with feelings. (one can stand in the home that meets all one’s search criteria and just does not have the right stomach feeling …)

Adoor is a communication platform. Our success is to make the right people meet over the right homes.

Your Choice

It’s up to you to find you dream home. Perhaps you already have a specific house in mind. Maybe a certain neighborhood. 

When using Adoor, you can concentrate only on homes you fancy. If it’s not for sale right now, contact the owner and see what happens. Let them know why this specific home has caught your positive attention.

Pleased Users

Jakob and Louise found the perfect home in Hellerup. “Through Adoor we have contacted several home owners matching our criteria. 

In the proces, we got very specific on our preferences, and we are confident that all options has been considered. We hope to stay in this house for many, many years. We can strongly recommend using Adoor. 

Swipe Homes

On our app, you can swipes homes. You see a picture, a map and aerial view. Further you see basic information about the home. From this little package you get a first impression. 

From here you have three options: Favorit, Maybe, No. When you find a home interesting, you can contact the owner directly. 

Practical Stuff

When you have found the perfect home or a buyer for your current, Adoor can help you with all the rest. 

We can refer to brokers, lawyers, architects and other advisors you might need. Check out the list of advisors here, or let us know if you are not finding what you are looking for. It is important to us that you at all times feel confident. 

Are you a home owner?


Perhaps your home is perfect for you. Perhaps you already have future plans for different things. 

Using Adoor, you will always be up-to-date on the interest in your specific home. Has someone left you a message, you can see this in our app. Browsing our “Buyers book” offers you a more active approach. Contact the person or family that has criteria matching your home.   

Looking for the perfect home?

Børn hygger i sofa

Did you find the perfect home? Did 20 other families find the same one? Is the perfect home not for sale? 

Using Adoor, it’s your choice. When you have your wish list, you can contact home owners directly. Write them a nice message telling why this exact home is in your dreams. Chances are they will get back to you if they are in a considering phase. 

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